After a slow start and an unfortunate own goal, JV went on to score NINE goals past Payson, include two hat-trick performances from Kayden Peay and birthday boy Alex Qian. Kayden Peay was named Man of the Match on the day as the Cavemen mercy-ruled the Lions.

5': 0-1 Own Goal

22': 1-1 Kayden Peay

31': 2-1 Beckham Rosenthal

36': 3-1 Kayden Peay

42': 4-1 Alfredo Arias

64': 5-1 Kayden Peay

67': 6-1 Alex Qian

73': 7-1 Nixon Caceres

74': 8-1 Alex Qian

80': 9-1 Alex Qian


AF 84% - 16% Payson

Shots (SOG)

AF 29 (13)

Payson 0 (0)

Corner Kicks

AF 9

Payson 0


The Lions came out pressing against the Cavemen, but on the very first break the Cavemen made them pay and never looked back. Miller Hall beat his defender and slotted a pass for Lewis Knecht to finish, only for the favor to be returned two minutes later as Lewis slotted a pass for Miller to finish. Preston Osborne found Ben Harley cutting into the box a few minutes later, and Mason Jolley added a fourth with a near-post diving header to make it four. A fifth goal from Noah Anderson made it 5-0 in 22 minutes. The Cavemen allowed an own goal as well in the Varsity game, but a set piece from Lewis Knecht and another goal from Miller Hall rounded out the scoring as the Cavemen won 7-1. Miller was named Man of the Match with two goals and three assists while Lewis Knecht has two goals and an assist.

6': 1-0 Lewis Knecht

8': 2-0 Miller Hall

12': 3-0 Ben Harley

15': 4-0 Mason Jolley

22': 5-0 Noah Anderson

47': 5-1 Own Goal

60': 6-1 Lewis Knecht

73': 7-1 Miller Hall


AF 80% - 20% Payson

Shots (SOG)

AF 25 (16)

Payson 2 (1)

Corner Kicks

AF 7

Payson 1

man of the match awards

Varsity: miller hall

2 Goals

3 Assists

60 Minutes

JV: Kayden Peay

3 Goals

1 Assist

20 Minutes