Our annual St. George Training Camp kicked off Thursday morning bright and early at the high school. Coaches and chaperones picked up the minivans and the boys loaded up into the cars and took off to St. George. this year's camp had 41 boys, 5 coaches, and 4 chaperones.

We arrived at the field at 1 and after a quick lunch, the boys broke out the cleats and began the first training session. All trainings were held at Heritage Park in Washington. We trained until about 4 pm, when we went to Hurricane to check into our rental.

We stayed at the "Zions Elements village" in hurricane. the rental featured four individual units with dozens of beds. Our rental included the entire building for one large rental, and we had backyard access to a pool, grill area, hot tubs, and a turf putting area. Before the boys could settle into the rental much, we had them put on their white away kits for team pictures at Sand Hollow. Originally we had planned for doing team pictures at Snow Canyon on Friday, but Friday's forecast showed rain all day and we had to adjust. The boys had a great time on the banks of the reservoir, and thankfully no one was pushed in by a friend.

After returning from team pics, chaperones prepared hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner and the boys hung out in the hot tubs or by playing FIFA.


Friday we had breakfast at the rental and talked about some of the books we read portions of on the way down to St George. Some books included Soccer IQ, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, The Fearless Mind, and more. Following our morning discussion, we went to the field for our morning training. It rained the entire time we were at the training, but the boys had a great time in the warmer-than-home temperatures, despite the falling rain. Following the training, we went back to the house for lunch, provided by Kneaders. After a short break, we went back to the field to work on some of our set-piece and penalty kicks, before going back to the rental to shower and hang out. Dinner was Costco pizza (and salad) and the boys then began their FIFA tournament.


Saturday was a relaxing morning, allowing the boys to hang out after breakfast before heading home. Mason Jolley was our FIFA tournament winner, beating Ben Harley in the final on penalties.

The boys had a great time, and we're so grateful for our fundraising and sponsors that make this trip possible.