We want to thank all of you who were willing to brave the cold for a final shot at our Sophomore soccer team in their inaugural season. We hate making these difficult decisions and appreciate your patience with the process. If you didn’t make the team, please keep working at improving your footy skills because we want to see you come out next season.

With the announcement of the team, we have immediate activities for you to attend:

Tuesday March 5 at 5:30 pm, please meet at the High School to learn about this year’s fundraiser.

Wednesday March 6 at 830pm, have you and your parents plan on attending a zoom meeting to discuss this season.

Thursday March 7 at 5pm, there will be an open play opportunity at the High School for the new team.

Payments for the team will be due by March 15, 2024 and you must pay team fees prior to getting team gear. If you have concerns, please let Cody Dingus or Coach Winn know and contact them for payment arrangements.

We are excited to announce Coach Mike Burgos will be helping the team this year and will conduct the open play this Thursday.


Alex Baez Munoz

Beck Cooper

Carson Dingus

Court Johnson

David Melecio

Eli Allen Bears

Ethan Kieper

Everett Nash

Gage Thurgood

Hamilton Barney

Javier Laos

Jessie Olmedo

Jonathan Arellano

Josh Howard

Martin Parra Garay

Santi Betancour Cano

Noah Kennison

Peyton Botill

Sailiata Fano

Seth Calderon

Thomas Burgos

Thank you again for be willing to represent your community and we look forward to this awesome season!