We’d like to thank everyone who came out to tryouts today. We’d like to congratulate the players listed below on making the final day of tryouts for our Red vs Black Scrimmage. This scrimmage is new this year, as we want to see players on a full field, game like situation. This will give players a chance to wear an

American Fork Soccer jersey as well as give the coaches a chance to see the impact each player can make on the field.

Please be ready to go at the field at 3 PM. The scrimmage will begin at 3:30 PM and run for 90 minutes. The final roster will be posted by 9 PM on Wednesday evening.

Please wear black shorts or pants if you have them tomorrow.

If there is too much snow or poor weather outside, we will come inside and do small sided games in The Cave.

Thanks, and good luck!

AFHS Boys Soccer Staff



Adam Ferrell

Alex Qian

Alfredo Arias

Andrew Ingersoll

Andrew Mosques

Collin Green

Connor McDaniel

Deklan Dunn

Demitri Larsen

Diego Calderon

Easton Draney

Ethan Pascoal

Evan Karren

Everton Hughes

Gabe Pillar

Hudson Rios

Jackson Worthington

Jayden Brown

Jordan Worthington

Josh Howard

Kayden Peay

Logan Gubler

Nate Childs

Noah Anderson

Sam Nettesheim

Sebastian Barreda


Beckham Rosenthal

Ben Harley

Ben Hess

Bodie Ford

Cameron Jones

Eian Allen

Ethan Pulley

Ethan Thomas

Gavin Nash

Ian Brinkerhoff

Jackson Noble

Jacob Reynolds

Jaxon Dingus

Lewis Knecht

Maddux Peay

Manny Sanchez

Mason Jolley

Miller Hall

Nathan Sanchez

Nick Sharp

Nixon Caceres

Noah Kenison

Owen Greenwood

Preston Osborne

Ryan Winn

Vicente Castillo